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Office and Commercial Cleaning that is Reliable, Consistent and Better Value for Money — Guaranteed

Sick of cleaners that are unreliable, inconsistent and just don’t do what they say they are going to do? Tired of having to make up for the things they’ve missed (like missed bins, smears on the glass and mirrors, or wash rooms that have not been serviced properly)? Want an office and commercial cleaning service that understands your needs and delivers every week without you having to think about it?

Fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form or call 3390 1663 to arrange your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ valued up to $650* and put us to the test. Or keep reading to discover why Zoom Office Cleaning is the best office and commercial cleaning company in Brisbane.

More Than Mere Promises

Cleaning offices is not exactly rocket science. But it takes more than mere promises. I suppose that’s why so few companies are able to provide a consistent, quality cleaning service…

… An office and commercial cleaning service where you know your cleaner will turn up at exactly the right time (every time) and do a thorough cleaning job without missing anything (like bins or glass doors / windows) or cutting corners (like using the same cleaning cloth on the toilet and kitchen bench)…

… A service that is reliable with the same staff who are accountable – staff you can trust to be alone in our offices (with built-in safeguards to ensure 100% honesty)…

… And an office and commercial cleaning service that offers superior value for money and guarantees to give you a fresh, healthy, spotless office at a fixed, unchanging price so you never have to worry about cleaning again.

We believe it’s because most companies don’t have a proven system to deliver premium service on a consistent basis. At Zoom Office Cleaning, we follow a…

3-Step Process to Ensure You Get a Better Clean Including…

Understanding Your Expectations: To ensure we understand exactly what you want, the owner of Zoom Office Cleaning will personally meet with you to create a detailed ‘Cleaning Map’. This ‘Cleaning Map’ will outline everything that needs to be done including the workflow order which gives the best cleaning outcome. He will then attend your office with a hand-picked team of Zoom cleaners for onsite training. This team will then become the permanent cleaners assigned to your office.

Meeting Expectations: Everybody needs accountability. That’s why the owner of Zoom Office Cleaning will conduct regular ‘Surprise Inspections’ to ensure your cleaners are following the ‘Cleaning Map’ and meeting all your expectations. He will also have regular meetings with your cleaners and receive reports about any potential maintenance issues they notice while cleaning — another benefit of having steady, permanent staff who become familiar with your office environment and can spot things that may need attention.

Exceeding Expectations: We believe strongly in the golden rule: “Treat others as you like to be treated”. That’s why we guarantee to return phone calls and emails within 3 hours. And why we give you direct access to the owner – so you can call and speak with ‘the boss’ anytime you like. It’s also why we use the world’s most innovative cleaning methods that don’t leave your offices smelling of chlorine chemicals but instead leave a fresh, healthy environment that is pleasant for your staff and customers. And finally, it’s why we offer you a Quadruple Guarantee of…

Reliability: We guaranteed your cleaners will turn up on time every day / week or you get that week’s clean for free

Consistency: We guarantee to clean your offices thoroughly – every time. If you ever feel we have missed something, we will clean your offices again and refund the price of that clean in full

Communication: We guarantee to return phone calls and emails within 3 hours and give you a direct contact for the owner of the company

Value: We guarantee to give you better value than any other cleaning company in Brisbane. If you find a cheaper quote for a comparable clean, we will match the price and refund any difference you’ve paid for up to 3 months. And we will never lock you into any long restrictive contracts (a courtesy 4 week cancelation notice is all that is all we ask)

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what some clients had to say…

  • A job very well done!!!
    “Due to a particularly messy male passenger, we had to close off the toilet on the domestic station platform this morning. Before I could inform the cleaner about the situation he was already hard at it cleaning up the mess. I just wanted to mention this to you and say it was a job very well done!!!”
    Gary Beach, Brisbane Airport Rail Link
  • Thank you for ‘GREAT’ Service
    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for “GREAT” Service, over the last couple of years.”
    Bob Looney, Kaba Australia, Murarrie
  • “The floors look fantastic, thank you!”
    Lauren Phelps, Fisher Dore Criminal Defence Lawyers, Brisbane

So we invite you to let us help you with all your office cleaning needs including…

  • Residential Lobbies & Hallways
  • A complete Hygiene Service with Sani-bins, Foam Soap Dispensers, Air fresheners
  • Total Consumables Provision- Toilet Paper, hand towels, facial tissues, paper cups and office supplies
  • Odour Removal for difficult odours and ongoing deodorising services
  • Bond Cleans
  • Window Cleaning
  • Stripping & Sealing of Vinyl Floors
  • Pest Control
  • Carpet Cleaning

Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ (valued up to $650*)

Put us to the test. Let us show you why we are the best cleaning company in Brisbane. And prove we will really will get 100% reliability and a fresh, healthy, spotless office at a fixed, unchanging price so you never have to worry about cleaning again.

Fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form or call 3390 1663 to arrange your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ valued up to $650*

*Your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ has a genuine value of $650 and is offered to new clients joining a regular cleaning schedule. It’s the best way to trial our services without risk and bring your office cleanliness up to the standards you expect. If you are disappointed with the results of this clean you can cancel your schedule with just 4 weeks’ notice.